Eshanika Chaudhary

Hi!  My name is Eshanika, and my mentor is Dr. Zulma Gazit.  I’ve only had a day and a half day in the lab so far, but so much has happened already.  I really love the environment of the lab, and everyone is very friendly and helpful.  I shadowed a few people yesterday and learned a lot, which was really nice.  Some of the things I observed include someone splitting bone marrow stem cells and someone extracting RNA with the qiagen kit. It’s a very welcoming lab and I’ve read a few papers so I have somewhat of an idea about what’s going on.  

There’s a lot of really interesting projects, all around skeletal stem cell research of course.  The main one deals with IVDs, but I don’t want to talk too much about it because I’m still learning about it myself!  Then, this morning I went with my supervisor, Wafa, to observe an MRI scan of a pig.  It was very interesting, and it was really cool to see how I can combine the imaging techniques I learned at my internship last year with that I’m doing now.  Again, everyone was very friendly and were eager to explain what was going on.  The scan lasted about four hours, and while I couldn’t go in the room because I haven’t done the proper safety classes, I was able to observe through a window and watch their computers.  There has been so much to do and see already, and I’m so excited for next week!  

Right now we’re kind of just trying to get me used to the lab environment and trying to expose me to a lot of things, so a lot has been happening!  I have to read a few more papers still, but I think I’m really beginning to get the hang of what this lab is all about, and I couldn’t be happier.  Here’s to a great 6 weeks ahead!



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