Michael Fernandez

Five to ten years from, I’ve envisioned myself working within a lab as an adult…I guess I’m earlier than I expected. My name is Michael but my friends like to refer to me as Berlin for some apparent reason. I’m currently an eleventh grader at my school however, I’m moving up to the twelfth grade once I return back to school in August.

I’ve just recently started my internship here at Cedar’s Sinai for the CIRM Spark program under the guiding supervision of my mentor Dr. Shaomei Wang, and I’ve just gotta say, for my basic knowledge of human anatomy, I’ve surprisingly managed to understand nearly all of what all the scientists explain to me regarding the eye, it’s different parts and their function, I guess all of those extra time in AP Biology are paying off. However, due to my simple and general knowledge of the human structure and organ systems, it was rather intimidating walking in such a specialized field of ophthalmology, especially when it comes to something as delicate and intricate as a retina.

Being within an environment of highly respectable scientists with countless years of studies and hours upon hours of lab work, was pretty intimidating for a simple high school student who only dissected a frog once so, hope people out there can relate. Fortunately, my mentor was generous enough to provide me with advice and resources to further my knowledge about the eye’s anatomy along with each layer’s function, genetic and viral diseases that affect the eye. Currently though, I’m within the histology section of this department as I follow around a kind and rather covertly comedic histologist, as he presents me an initially confusing spectacle of eye tissue that I eventually understood with his guidance.

I’m really happy about my first day of my internship and the following days to come.



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