Jeremiah Fountain

My name is Jeremiah Fountain and I am a research intern working in a lab at the Advancement Health Science Pavilion at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. When I first heard about this opportunity by my mom I was ecstatic to finally working in a lab. Also I have been looking for a chance to have a job and obtain work experience. Cedars CIRM SPARK minors in research program was the perfect opportunity for me to experience working in a lab.

My first couple of days involved hours of orientation, where we had a campus art tour, I meet my PI mentor Anjoscha Kaus, and got a brief introduction of stem cells. Stem cells are basically a simple cell in the body that is able to develop into any one of various kinds of cells (such as blood cells, skin cells, etc.) Everyone at Cedars is so kind and helpful with anything I need. It was such a smooth transition coming into the research program and for my first time working in a lab.

The employees at Cedars really take safety in the lab serious and we had hours of orientation dealing with safety protocol. Andrea Ravard is a very skilled safety expert that taught all the interns about the safety codes and all the hazards in the lab.

Throughout the second half of the week I have been working with Gen while my mentor was gone, along with my other intern Andrew. Anjoscha researches ALS and how patient stem cells can unveil diseases. But for now I am working with Gen and Andrew and we are looking at progenitor cells secreting growth factors for the treatment of ALS.

I am very excited for what lays ahead throughout the program.


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