Tania Perez

Tania Perez

I always thought that I would be going to Beverly Hills to shop for clothes or buy a luxurious home. However, since I have started the internship program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center a couple of days ago, I’ve come to understand that I am there for something even better, Regenerative Medicine Research. This research is the future of Medicine, which will improve the lives of many patients. Eventually, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center will be my second home; there I will be able to apply my knowledge to science. My name is Tania Perez, and my mentor for my summer internship is Dr. Mehrnoosh Ghiam. The CIRM Spark Program at Cedars-Sinai has the best faculties, welcoming everyone with great joy. They are patient with me, which makes me feel so comfortable working with them, and I know that this opportunity is utterly amazing. I will be working with Dr. Mehrnoosh Ghiam and her team on epithelial stem cells reside in the border of the cornea and sclera called limbus. As I spoke to my mentor, I felt instantly captivated by the area we will be studying.

Dr. Mehrnoosh Ghiam spoke about diabetes, and its effects on vision. I felt an immediate connection to this type of disease since both my grandparents have diabetes. In addition, they have visual problems, which clarified their specific disability. As she spoke, I felt a sense of enthusiasm, which flowed through me. I am eager to start to work on my project that could potentially be beneficial for my family and community since diabetes is a common disease worldwide. Now I understand that stem cell research and eventually therapy may be a way to cure many diseases. Stem cells are often looked down upon because people don’t understand the whole idea of those specific cells. I know I am here to make sure that the word about regenerative medicine be spread correctly in my community so that everyone’s life can improve. My goals for this summer is to learn as much as possible, eventually inform family/friends about stem cells, and lastly have fun in a safe manner. I’m thrilled for what this summer has for me!



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