“I can’t believe I only have 5 weeks left!”

Submitted by Eshanika Chaudhary – June 30, 2016

Alright, so I’ve got almost 2 weeks down!  Time is flying, and I hate myself for using that expression, but it’s just true– I can’t believe I only have 5 weeks left!  I love that I get to explore a lot of different areas (such as imaging, surgery, and lab work) and see how the whole Cedars bench-to-bedside idea is actually implemented.  I was supposed to also observe a procedure today related to my project, but was not allowed to enter the restricted area for imaging.  But on the bright side, speaking of my project, I got to discuss my project outline with my mentor on Monday!

In the lab right now I’m still mostly shadowing but I’m working hands on too which is nice to get used to everything, and I’m planning to start doing my actual protocols very soon.  We also had our first knowledge nosh event yesterday where we got to hear a lot about scientific posters from two very well known professionals!  We got to see examples and we also heard tips about how to present and such.  I’m a very design oriented person in general and it’s been my “thing” since I was 13 (or 12? I don’t really remember) years old, so hearing about all the design possibilities for posters got me even more excited about beginning mine.  I also love public speaking (I know, it’s weird), so thinking about presenting the poster as a performance of sorts also got me really ready to start on it.  I can’t wait to present at Berkeley!  And in terms of content, I know that I’m going to have so much to say.

I’ve already learned so much, and my friends are beginning to get tired of me going on and on about how innovative this work is!  If you want more information about the work we’re doing in my lab, you can check out my first blog or the Gazits’ laboratory website here.  Keep checking the blog to stay updated on everyone’s progress throughout the summer!  And also, everyone should definitely check out my CIRM instagram I made for this program @cirmspark_eshanika for some pictures of me doing science, especially because I’m going to be posting a lot more on there than on this blog (I won’t be doing another blog post for about a month).

Lots of love and I hope everyone is having as great of a summer as I am!


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