“The greatest aspect of this internship is .. everyone genuinely loves what they do”

Submitted by Jennifer Siddique

I fear becoming too accustomed to the daily life of working in the Svendsen Stem Cell Research Laboratory only for it to come to an abrupt end. For this reason, I am making the absolute most of these last few weeks.

Everything I do in the lab is a first for me. I am very fortunate that my mentor, Dr. Veronica Garcia, is an electrophysiologist as I get to to become acquainted with electrophysiology. Prior to this internship, I had absolutely no idea what electrophysiology was. I recall the first time I met my mentor and she questioned if I had any knowledge of electrophysiology. My response was that I have never even heard of the field before. [Sorry, Veronica.]

Earlier this week, I obtained a brief glimpse into the world of electrophysiology. Dissociated neuronal cultures are grown on microelectrode arrays (MEAs). Microelectrode arrays are devices used to measure unpremeditated activity of neuronal cultures. I learned how to operate an MEA. A few of my findings can be seen on my poster at the end of this internship.

Perhaps and is kind to one another. I have always struggled with social anxiety. That is, I am constantly overthinking and overanalyzing social interactions. It is quite the battle. Fortunately, I have built a lot more social confidence as a result of everyone’s welcoming personalities and overall desire to help others. I have also made a lot of new friends in the lab.


With that said, I am still in disbelief that I somehow attained this stem cell research opportunity. I am forever grateful for this experience. Not a day goes by where I have not learned something new in the lab.


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