“my memory of this summer shall stay with me for the longer years to come”

By Michael Fernandez

I’m rather sad that both my summer and internship are soon to come to an end. I would love to stay another couple of months or weeks even, to further learn more about retinal anatomy and physiology unfortunately, that would most likely not be the case. Nonetheless, I’ve learned more than what I’ve originally thought I would when I started this program. There’s been extra content and topics that I’ve learned about that is in great interest and relation towards the retinal anatomy and physiology such as the practical application of stem cells for retinal diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Exosomes and other lines of stem cells have also been in my topic of interest, along with the lab. I’ve learned about the basics of cell culture and how to properly take care of stem cells. Histology and immunochemistry however, was my favorite part of this program, it was very useful for me to learn about if I were to apply for an internship with a lab some time later in a few years. Overall, this experience was rather positive for me, even though there were some negative events along the way such as technical issues but, those types of problems were pretty simple to solve. In the end, even though this program came to an end rather quickly, my memory of this summer shall stay with me for the longer years to come as my first internship in an actual lab.


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