“One big unit that works together to save lives”

By Jeremiah Fountain

As I finish up my last few weeks at the CIRM Spark program, I begin to realize what I anticipated coming in to this program is nothing that I envisioned. First of all, I thought this program would be really intense and all of the adults in the lab would be really strict. But it turned out to be a great stress free, loving environment where all of the interns could really learn and enjoy their time at the CIRM Spark program. What I loved the most about the program were the “field trips” we took to different parts of the Cedars-Sinai campus. It really shows how everything is connected and that Cedars is one big unit that works together to save lives. The idea of realizing that what we do in the CIRM Spark program could actually benefit someone else’s life is truly amazing.

I have learned so much from the past 7 weeks, from Immunocytochemistry (ICC) to western blots. An ICC is a common laboratory technique that is used to anatomically visualize the localization of a specific protein or antigen in cells by use of a specific primary antibody that binds to it. Western Blots which are sometimes called protein immunoblot is a widely used analytical technique used to detect specific proteins in a sample of tissue homogenate or extract.

I would like to make a special thanks to Anjoscha, Uthra, Andrew, Alexis and Prasanthi for helping me around the lab and teaching me new techniques and skills every day.


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