“This week was especially memorable – I feel like I learned so much!”

By: Soah Franklin

Week four of CIRM! I can’t believe we are already halfway through the program – it feels as if time is flying by. This week was especially memorable – I feel like I learned so much! On Monday I started my project, which I will present on Poster Day in a few weeks. I will be observing and documenting the effects of microRNA on corneal epithelial cells. I have been reading background information on many of the techniques that we will be using, like western blotting, immunostaining, and immunohistochemistry. The highlight of my week was observing tissue culture experiments, and learning about the process of coating the plates and seeding the corneal epithelial cells. Our lab is working with miR-146a, which has been shown to be involved in corneal epithelial homeostasis. This week we have been preparing my experiment: coating the culture plates with collagen and seeding one hundred thousand corneal epithelial cells per well in a 6-well plate. The cells will be transfected with miR-146a or the scramble miRNA as a control today. On Monday we will process the effect of miR-146a in the treated cells by immunostaining. I am so excited to see our results!


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